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What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Jiu-Jitsu, which literally means “the gentle art,” is a famous form of self-defense that does no rely on physical strength and power., Using techniques of strikes, holds, locks, chokes, throws, and evasions, it employs mechanics though leverage and knowledge of human anatomy to overcome any attacker with minimal effort and strength. Jiu-Jitsu teaches self-confidence, improves self-esteem, relieves stress, and increases the ability to focus.


What are the benefits that I may get from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu ?

Including the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to your routine can help you get in shape, gain confidence, and release stress, all while forming a network of like-minded people sure to motivate and inspire you. The Gracie San Diego Academy not only excel in this great martial art, but offer a safe, friendly, and family-style atmosphere that many of our students consider their second home.


What makes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu different from other martial arts ?

While other martial arts rely heavily on strength and speed, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu relies on superior technique and leverage.


Do I need to be in shape to start ?

Any fitness level is welcome to the classes, we will try our best to accommodate you. As lessons progress so will your fitness and lessons will become easier. Our team will ensure a progressive and gradual plan to help you acclimate to our programs while achieving your fitness goals.


Why should I join a martial arts school?

Why not? Consider this, name an activity that will get you in shape, keep you in a social atmosphere and learn valuable tools to defend yourself?



I feel intimidated or worried that I may get hurt, is that normal?

Yes it is normal whenever you see an activity that is physical,however, At the BJJA,there is a NO Attitude policy and the students themselves are very warm and approachable.We have a laid back approach, calling each other by our names rather by title.


I'd like to join but i'm not sure of time/fees?

We would be happy to invite you over to speak to our Program Director. She can answer any questions you may have and have the chance to see our facilities and watch a class in session! All prices will be given in person.


Do you have a kids program?

Yes we have a great childrens program. We have our Little Samurai program that starts at age 3 to 5 years old and our Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program from ages 6 to 11.


Do you teach the kids the same way as the adults?

No. We do teach the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu but in a more controlled and disciplined setting.They learn how to punch and kick,throw and ground grapple. The main focus of the childrens training will be the grappling!But don't get us wrong! The kids have lots of fun doing certain martial arts games that mixes training and good wholesome fun!!


What is Gracie / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and what differs it from other martial arts?

Jiu-Jitsu was the unarmed system of self-defense for the Samurai class of Japan. Before the 20th century, many masters of jiu-jitsu seperated from the root and created various styles such as Karate,Judo,Aikido,Kendo and so forth. Jiu-Jitsu was lucky to find it's way to Brazil by a Japaneese master and diplomat named Esia Maeda.A Brazilian helped him established a colony there and in gratitude for his help, he taught his son Jiu-Jitsu.This son was none other than Carlos Gracie of the famous Gracie family. Carlos after then taught it to his brothers,specifically Helio Gracie. Helio was responsible for mutating jiu-jitsu to fit his slender,tall build.Because of many health problems, Helio found it neccessary to use leverage and balance over strength and power.


It proved it's effectiveness in the rough and tumble streets of Rio de Janerio,Brazil and recently in the last decade in the Ultimate Fighting Championships where Helio's son Royce,won an impressive 3 championships,defeating opponents 30 to 100 lbs more than his 180 lbs 6'1 frame.






Self-esteem is having a positive impression and respect of oneself. Students who have strong self-esteem are more likely to succeed in school, or at any goals they set. Martial arts training teaches students the importance of mental discipline, which develops strong character traits such as self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. Martial arts instructors nurture a student's self-esteem through positive reinforcement of achieved goals. Physical activity improves health and appearance that are also linked to one's self-esteem. It is easier to have a positive impression of yourself when you look good and feel good. Martial arts makes staying active easy... it's fun!




Respect for teachers, parents, adults, and fellow students is an important part of martial arts training. Students learn to respect those with higher knowledge, which promotes positive relationships with authority figures outside of our school as well. As students' martial arts knowledge develops, it is equally important that they learn humility when respect for their knowledge is reciprocated.


Setting Goals


To achieve black belt at our school, each student will be required to successfully complete a series of other rank promotions that lead to black belt. Martial arts training teaches students that you can achieve a long term goal by breaking the goal down into many short term objectives. These objectives represent interim goals that need to be accomplished in order for the long-term goal to be realized. Students learn the importance of goal setting strategies, which are invaluable scholastically, as well as in life. It doesn't matter if you are a student in pre-school, grades school, high school, or college; martial arts can impact your scholastic results. Martial arts students learn that success requires commitment, determination, and hard work. We have tremendous confidence in our students to meet these challenges and produce excellent results that will last a lifetime










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